Monday, September 10, 2018

Meal Prep Sunday: Back to the Basics

Happy Monday, Friends! 
Let's be honest though.. when is it ever a "happy" Monday? I know I certainly wasn't happy to start another work week today. But I will say taking the time on Sunday to straighten up at home, complete all the laundry & meal prep for the week makes my Monday that much easier!

Yesterday I went ahead & made my favorite go-to meal prep for breakfast: Egg Muffins! This is probably the easiest and one of the most cost effective breakfast recipes around. They are so simple & quick (who doesn't love that?!) and you can make them in a variety of ways.

 First, I preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Then I crack all of the eggs in a bowl and add a few staple seasonings (salt, pepper, and garlic) and mix well.
Side note: If you're clumsy like me, be careful - you may just accidentally drop an egg and try to catch it with your hands only to create a lovely eggy mess..  #Graceful
Then I will add the egg mixture evenly into as many spots in the muffin tin as it will fill (roughly filling up 3/4 of each one). 
Yesterday I used a dozen eggs & it made me 10 muffins.

Then I like to add chopped spinach, ham, and tomatoes, then sprinkle a little cheese on top! This is probably my favorite combo but you can make them however you'd like! Then you place them in the oven for 20 minutes until centers are set and are beginning to brown.
Excuse my non-Instagram worthy pictures here, I meant to take these at home & forgot so I took them at work, haha.

As for the rest of my meal prep, I made some lemon pepper chicken (my go-to flavor for chicken - gimme all that lemon pepper!) with green beans, and mashed cauliflower. Don't get me wrong I love some mashed potatoes, but I'm trying to lower my carb intake somewhat so this is a perfect substitute for me! I have some extra chicken that I will probably throw into some salads for the week but it's nice to just have what I need on hand & ready to go.
 Starting the week by preparing myself healthy food truly helps make for a better week & helps keep me on track with my goals. Did any of you meal prep for the week? What did you make?!

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