Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Why Everyone Needs An Ashley Around

Happy Tuesday, y'all! This title may seem a little conceited, but I assure you I am not talking about myself today! 

Back in November, I did a blog post on, "Why Everyone Needs A Melanie Around" in honor of one of my best friend's birthdays. As previously mentioned, the post was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Dana Mannarino, creator of The Champagne Edit, who did a blog post in honor of her best friend for their birthday. 

And I couldn't help but want to do one more post like this for my best friend, Ashley. Ashley and I have been friends since sixth grade, so we are going on 15 years of friendship at this point. I honestly have no doubt that Ashley and I will be friends well into our elder years - definitely my life long friend! 

Monday, December 17, 2018

Family Christmas Traditions + 4 Decorating Tips

Today I am hitting you with some of my favorite holiday family traditions, which probably many of you do too! The most popular one in my family is Gingerbread House making! My family is super competitive so we always talk crap to each other during the process - it's the best, haha! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Life Update + Things To Come

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I say, 'Happy Tuesday' but in all honesty, I've been in quite a funk lately and I feel like this week is just dragging on! Come on Fridayyyyy! Anyways, I'm here with a little bit of a life update and what's to come on the blog in the upcoming months.