Monday, June 25, 2018

Paisley's First Birthday!

I have mentioned before that I share a close bond with some of my cousins. One of which is Brittany, and her little peanut, Paisley Diane, turned ONE on April 26th. I was so fortunate and honored to take the lead on planning this birthday for our sweet girl Pais, with the help of Brittany of course, Kayla (other cousin, sister of Brittany), and my mom. I truly feel that what I had envisioned for this very special day came to life and hope it's a day Brittany and her fiance, Nate can look back on and cherish forever. 
 Before going into more details of the party - here are a few of the pictures we took of Paisley for her birthday invitations. 
Our color scheme was baby pink, gold, & white as you can see. Definitely my favorite color combo for a little girl! 

We had a birthday cake, cupcakes, a smash cake for Paisley, and a few other sweet goodies to really hit everyone's sweet tooth! And well, because it's cute! Haha. 

My cousin Kayla, whom I mentioned above, made this beautiful tutu like thing for the highchair. She did an amazing job! 

Seriously - cutest little family, right?!

Below is the banner we used to show Paisley's growth throughout the year! Crazy how time flies, but it's been great taking her monthly pictures, & then to be able to see the way she has grown over the year was very nice to look back on. 

One of the things I really wanted to do to make this a special memory for Paisley, was the time capsule idea that is really popular these days! We encouraged those that attended the party to write a letter for Paisley to open up on her 18th birthday. 
Part of this idea extended to having a big frame as seen below. I wanted not only for people to write letters to Paisley, but also to have a place to take pictures with her to include in the letter that is given to her later on. So when she opens the gift in 17 years, she will not only be able to read what the people in her life wrote for her, but will actually see them holding her in their arms. Plus, it served the purpose of a great place to take family pictures too! Haha.  
I want to give Kayla (pictured above) a little shoutout because I told her how badly I wanted to do a frame like this for the party and she made this so beautifully and quickly! You did a great job, cuz! :)
See! Couldn't resist posing here because streamers sure are a cute little backdrop! Haha. If you're interested, I talk more about my relationship with this cutie (my cousin, Kylie) here as we just recently took a trip to Enchanted Rock. 

Here are the party favors!
I put two cookies, three small milk chocolate bars, and three chocolate coins in the bags! 

All in all, I think this first birthday for our sweet girl Pais turned out perfectly. It was great to celebrate her first year and I can't wait for all the years to come. 

In case anyone is interested, I've listed a few of our favorite items from the party down below & linked where they are from.

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Do you have any cute birthday themes/ideas you love? Share with me in the comments!

Cakes/cupcakes: Round Rock Donuts
Gold Picture frames: Michaels
Happy Birthday Banner (similar to the package I bought): Amazon
ONE Balloons: Etsy
Happy Birthday Cake Topper: Etsy
ONE Cupcake Toppers: Amazon
Wild One Outfit: Etsy
Birthday Outfit (bow/tutu): Etsy
Monthly Banner: Amazon

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