Monday, July 22, 2019

15 Things I Hope to Teach My 15 Year Old Sister

Disclaimer: This title is probably a little misleading, as the one who inspired this post for me is actually my 15 year old cousin, not my sister. However, the word "cousin" could also be seen as misleading as the relationship I have with her is much more on the level of a little sister.

If you are family, a close friend, an avid reader on my blog, or even a follower on Instagram, then you know who Kylie is. I consistently post pictures with her on the gram and have even talked about her on the blog in a previous post where I took her to Enchanted Rock for the first time

However, for those that may be new here, Kylie is my cousin whom I spend a lot of my spare time with. She is the SUNSHINE of my LIFE. Kylie has actively been in my life since the day she was born, and she is one of the most important people in my life. 

Today is Kylie's 15th birthday (and boy does it make me feel old!), and in honor of that I wanted to share 15 things I Hope to Teach her. I thought of doing 15 things I love about her, but that would have been way too easy, so I opted for a more challenging post!