Monday, June 15, 2020

Father's Day Gift Guide 2020

Happy Monday everyone!

Father's Day is around the corner, so if you're needing some last minute gift ideas for your dad, you're in the right place! Almost everything is from Amazon and for the quality of these items, they are definitely affordable and/or worth the price + will be here in time for Father's Day!

I don't know about you, but the men in my life get more excited about tools than anything else so a good chunk of these are definitely for the handyman in your life! 

A HUGE THANKS to my boyfriend, Michael, for sending me some of his favorites which ended up being the majority of the list! You're the best, babe!


This is Michael's go-to flashlight pick for anyone who's looking for a good, everyday carry flashlight!

You can probably tell that I thought of this key chain - I thought this could be cute, especially coming from younger kiddos!

Michael selected this everyday carry knife as an alternative to number 10 as it's more affordable - both are great choices though.

These are Michael's favorite general work gloves! He has told me a few times that he will happily accept these as a gift anytime! Men always need more work gloves LOL.

For Christmas last year, I got my dad a very similar digital picture frame (the one I bought would not arrive in time so linked this one). My dad and step-mom loved this gift so much! They are the type of people that love having picture frames of their children and grandchildren up, and easily run out of wall space, and this digital frame allows them to have one spot for several pictures to filter through!

Michael selected this Gearwrench tool set and said it would be useful for anyone to have, especially dad's who do a lot of hands on projects.

I couldn't help but link this hammer with the cute pun! I actually got this for my dad several years ago and he still has it!

These are Michael's favorite HEAVY DUTY gloves!

Michael said this is a perfect tool set to get someone starting out their tool collection, or for the guy that already has a lot of tools!

This is Michael's premium everyday carry knife recommendation for anyone. My man knows more about knives than literally anyone - so if he says he recommends it, it's a great choice! Again, number 3 is a more affordable option if you are looking to save money!

I thought this mug was a super cute and affordable gift for coffee-lovers! You could always snag this mug and grab some of your dad's favorite candy or beef jerky to add in the mug as a cute way to spruce it up!

This is the ONLY item I am linking in this post that is not linked to Amazon. They do have this on Amazon, but it won't be here in time for Father's Day. However, if you have a Harbor Freight near you, I would HIGHLY recommend getting this! Michael recommended this to me last year for my dad for Father's Day and he LOVES it! He still talks about how useful it is. When I brought up possible Father's Day gifts for him this year, he mentioned how much he still loves this flashlight!

Michael selected this Leatherman multi-tool as an alternative to a pocket knife, as it has more functionality and isn't a heavy duty multi-tool.

Lastly, is this back and neck massager! I recently purchased this for myself actually because I tend to get a lot of tension headaches and migraines, and this has been helping me tremendously with any tension I have. I would highly recommend it if you can handle a little pressure!

There you have it! I hope this helps someone find that special gift for their Dad and/or father figure!

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