Thursday, November 3, 2022

Pregnancy Update

Well, as of today, I am 32 weeks & 3 days pregnant. I feel like this pregnancy has flown by so fast! I can't believe we are so close to meeting our baby girl. Today we have a growth scan and I'm so excited to see how much they estimate she's weighing!

This last month has been so busy, from our maternity session, to my cousin, Elizabeth's baby shower & wedding, my 30th birthday, getting a 3D/4D ultrasound done of baby girl & seeing her face, & my second cousin, Niko's first birthday - we've had a lot going on! 

And next weekend is finally our baby shower! I am so excited to finally get to truly start "nesting" - the nursey not being finished has been driving me a little crazy! I didn't even decorate for fall this year - our house has just been a wreck with baby stuff everywhere and whatnot, so I opted to not even bother. I thought I'd have more time to dedicate to sharing fall decor too, but unfortunately only got one post up this year. Hoping to round up some Christmas decor this year, but we'll see if I'm able to. Anyway, below is a few pictures from what we've been up to this month, as well as an update on how I've been doing.

A few pictures from Elizabeth's wedding with the hottest wedding date ever and father of my child. Ahhh - I'm one lucky woman.

Elizabeth and I are due one day apart and we're both having girls so we've been taking every opportunity to take bump photos together! These are from Elizabeth's baby shower, wedding, and Niko's first birthday party (halloween themed)! 

Michael and I were construction workers - this was an easy and cheap pregnancy couple's costume! 

Most importantly, we had a 3D/4D ultrasound of baby girl and were reminded how stubborn our girl is. She is definitely camera shy but we still got so many cute photos. We learned she soothes herself by sucking her thumb as seen below, and we also got some pictures of her cute little face. Still can't believe she'll be here in possibly 8 weeks or less!

So far, I have actually enjoyed pregnancy overall. First trimester was definitely rough with "morning" sickness, but once that subsided I felt more like myself. Second trimester was definitely the best as they say. Not many annoying symptoms, started feeling baby girl move, and started to be noticeably pregnant LOL. Then came third trimester, and it's starting to get a little rough. Still enjoying the bump and how active our girl is - feeling her move is certainly my favorite part. But the heartburn, butt and back aches, constantly having to pee, and struggling to be comfortable has been a little annoying. She'll be worth it all though!

Next blog post I'm sharing our maternity photos - I am soooo in love with them. Stay tuned!

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