Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Family Fun at Volente Beach

Volente Beach Water Park on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas.
Here is beautiful overview of the park. Volente Beach has many things to offer to a family looking for a fun day. From the gift shop and restaurant, to the volleyball court, children's play area, fun slides, and the main pool - there's something for everyone!
The company my dad works for will have a company party each year and several times it has been at Volente Beach, so it's somewhere I've grown accustom to visiting every so often. However, it had been a while since his last company party was held here, so it was nice to revisit and see some of the things that had been added since the last time it was hosted at Volente.

*I want to mention that I do not own the rights to the first nine photos of this post. We went on a fairly stormy day, so I used these pictures as they do the park better justice.*

This is the view from the outside deck of the restaurant overlooking the park. Very comfortable seating and a pretty view!
This is the play area for little kids. Complete with a little pirate ship, so cute! My baby nephew loved it!
A view of the sand volleyball court, and the big 'U' shaped slide. This one can seem kinda scary once you're at the top. It's a two person ride, and I like to begin facing backwards because it's low-key terrifying, haha. But even if you begin facing backwards, once you're on the other end, you end up facing forward! I'm always a little frightened at first and totally scream like a little girl, but I love it. My nephew, Cale, also loved this one!
There are three other slides at the park; an open one, a glow in the dark one, & a "toilet bowl" one. At least that's what my family likes to call it!
See, totally looks like a toilet bowl, lol. Or one of those things you drop pennies in and watch them spin around until they fall in!

Volente will also host movie nights playing JAWS on the water. I've never been there for this but it seems like a lot of fun!

Below are the photos I did take from our day there. As I said, it was a rather gloomy day, the sun only came out for a short while, but we still had a blast. Plus, it was kind of cool to pretty much have the park to ourselves! And it was nice just being able to spend time with both of my sisters & their children, as well as my parents, and my cousin, Kylie!

My sweet Kyliebug, oh how I love this gal. It would be cool if you stopped growing though.. k thanks :)
These kiddos sure had a blast attempting to walk across this, and my nephews especially enjoyed messing with the rope while I attempted to do so. Needless to say, but with my ever so graceful self, I didn't make it very far. :)
I'd like to mention that right after the above photo was taken, Kylie fell off. It's a shame I didn't have a picture or video of that, haha. You lucked out, Ky ;)
Cale was seriously a pro at this. He went across several times in a matter of a few seconds! I'm sure being super tiny helped his case though, haha.

Anyway, it's always a good time at Volente with the family; have you been? What are some of your favorite water parks in or near your hometown?!

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