Monday, October 22, 2018

In Honor of My 26th Birthday: 26 Facts About Me

Actual Birthday: October 20th

Welp, I am officially way closer to 30 than I want to be, but cheers to 26! In honor of growing another year older and this being the first birthday I celebrate since I started my blog, I figured it would be fun to do a post with a little more about me - I hope you enjoy!

1.  I was premie! I was born three months early, weighing at 2 lbs and 5 ounces!

2. I hate clowns. Really really hate clowns. I've known since my second birthday, and it's safe to say my parents didn't make that mistake twice.

3. I could go for chips & salsa any day, any time. Oh, and jalapeno ranch from Chuy's. 

4. I have only ever lived in the state of Texas, and only at three residences thus far.

5. My mother and I spent two and a half weeks in Mozambique, Africa for a mission trip in the Summer of 2008. Read all about our journey here.

6. I have at least four half siblings I do not know and will probably never know. Reason being, my dad is actually not my biological father - my dad was unable to have any more children when he and my mom got together, so they got a sperm donor. And to my mom's knowledge, he has two children of his own & two with another lady who liked his offspring so much the first time, she used him as a donor twice!

7. I desperately want to learn how to play the piano.

8. As my second job, I am an assistant to a Professor of Spanish at ACC. His name is Professor Golden, and I typically tweet about his shenanigans on twitter! 

9. One of my most embarrassing moments was in 8th grade at Running Brushy Middle School during my Pre-Algebra class. I tripped over a desk and fell flat on my face in front of the whole class. Oh, and the boy I liked at the time, joined in on the laughter. Cool beans.

10. My parents split up when I was six years old, but this has blessed me with a total of 4 sisters: two half and two step. Which has also blessed me with a total of 16 nieces and nephews & 1 great nephew!

11. I'm currently learning Spanish from the Professor I'm an admin for. I kind of suck at it, but hey, I'm trying. Me llamo Aaztli  :)

12.  Second embarrassing fact. I think when I was seven or eight, I ran my mom's car partially through the living room wall. Ask any of my family, I'm not kidding. This happened. The wall between the garage and the living room literally had to be repaired. My uncles will forever tease me about this. Also, cool beans.

13. I have been on two Disney cruise ships that went to the Bahamas when I was in my younger years. I kissed the dolphins. It was nifty to say the least.

14. I have been having a Sunday lunch with my dad every week since I was fifteen years old. It began as he was going through the Drivers Ed book with me as I was preparing to learn how to drive. And then it continued as we got my permit, and it just stuck. Eventually it turned into us walking through homes that were being built or driving around looking at older historic homes in Austin discussing the architecture & design, and over time it just became a time for us to catch up each week. I'm now 26, and I couldn't be more grateful for each Sunday lunch we've had over the last 11 years. Also, I have since then, not run through any walls of my mother's home. ;) 

15. Although I typically only eat Halo Top ice cream now, my all time favorite is the chocolate and brownie chunk flavor from Ben & Jerry's. 

16. My longest friendship is with my best friend, Ashley. We have been friends since sixth grade so it's currently been a total of 14 years! I can't wait to brag about our friendship when we're like 96 because I KNOW we'll still be best friends.

17. I'm a natural Ginger. This one may be an obvious fact, but hey, for those that were wondering - the GINGER IS REAL. I use to hate being a redhead, but it's actually my favorite quality now. I'm pale, I'm a ginger & I'm cool with it. OWN WHAT GOD GAVE YA. HE MAKES NO MISTAKES.

18. Colorful planners and cute pens make my heart happy. Shout out to my aunt for always giving me a new and adorable planner for my birthday for the upcoming year! 

19.  My first vehicle was a 2002 GMC Sierra. I'll forever be missing that truck.

20. Wanna see me get excited? Show me a turtle. Especially baby ones. I love them so much my heart could explode.

21. I have never felt more "basic" than posing with these balloons. :) 

22. My first job ever was at Twin Lakes Family YMCA as a Childwatch Counselor. I worked for the YMCA for a total of five years, with the first three being in Childcare & Birthday Party Hosting, and then spent my last two years working in Billing & Financial Assistance for the Membership department. I truly loved the work I did there, especially during my time in Membership. I only gave it up for a job with better benefits and room for growth. I hope to be in that line of work again one day with Austin Community College.

23. I have certain artists I can listen to anywhere, anytime - I'm literally never not in the mood to listen to them. To name a few: James Arthur, Chris Young, Jordan Davis, Kaleo, LANY, Rhys Lewis, & Shawn James.

24. My 14 year old cousin, Kylie, is my favorite human and I will literally do anything for the sassy teenager. Read all about my love for her and our recent trip to Enchanted Rock here.

25. One of my favorite novels of all time is "Sad Girls," by Lang Leav. 

26. I am shocked I actually came up with this many facts about myself. It's not as easy as it looks! 

If you stuck around this long, thank you & I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better! And stay tuned, I have so many plans coming for the blog in the next several months! 

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