Friday, March 1, 2019

Five Bloggers I Admire & Why

Today, I am showing some love for some fellow bloggers by telling you what I admire most about them, their content, and why I continue to follow them! 

1. Tay Ruth (Instagram: @tayruths)

I came across Tay recently and have absolutely fell in love with her blog. Tay mainly touches on faith, relationships, lifestyle, and beauty. I would have to say that finding her blog was like a breath of fresh air. A lot of bloggers touch on their Christianity, but it's definitely the sole focus of Tay's blog and it's so encouraging. From the advice she offers on keeping God the center of your relationship, to blogging and wedding tips, and encouraging and uplifting posts, you can't go wrong in following her. She is so kind and is always encouraging others to let her know in what ways she can pray for you, and I absolutely love that so it's been such a joy following along with her.
Favorite posts: How to Start a Blog: Q & A, Christmas Tree Shopping, Forgiveness: An Invitation for Healing

2. Helene -- Helene In Between (Instagram: @heleneinbetween)

Helene touches a ton on traveling, blogging, and lifestyle, but I would say she is my biggest resource for blogging specifically. She gives full, detailed, and authentic information for bloggers. When I first started thinking about actually creating a blog for myself, I spent countless hours going through all the posts focused on blogging by Helene. She has created SO MUCH quality content on blogging and social media, linking all of her resources, that it's almost crazy to think it's free. While there are plenty of bloggers out there that discuss blogging and social media influence, you can learn pretty much all of the basics and then some from Helene. I just genuinely love that despite how over saturated the blogging community may be or seem, she STILL wants to empower others to go for it, and I find that truly admirable. 

3. Katlyn Dunford -- Sunshine & Stilettos (Instagram: @katlynmaupin / @shopbellaandbloom)

Katlyn is the FIRST blogger I ever followed so this list truly wouldn't be complete without her. She is how I found this wonderful community that I'm so happy to be apart of. I met her once back in high school and she is so darn sweet. From there I started following her on social media and that is when I realized how much the blogging world intrigued me! Katlyn is not only a Fashion and Style Blogger, but she is a BOUTIQUE OWNER! She opened up Bella & Bloom back in February of last year and the pieces are truly beautiful. Just for reference this is one of my most recent purchases from her boutique from the holiday collection - isn't it gorgeous?! 

Also, if you are planning a wedding, you NEED to check her out. She did a detailed blog series leading up to her wedding and it was BEAUTIFUL. She's had a lot going on with opening up her boutique this past year, but I know soon her blog will be filled with tons of home decor posts because she and her husband recently moved into a new house so be sure to check her out! 

4. My Texas House (Instagram: @mytexashouse)

My Texas House is a Home Decor Blog ran by Erin, and to say I am obsessed, is a bit of an understatement. What's crazy to me is that my style of home decor has drastically changed over the last year, and I owe a lot of that to her. Following along with her blog truly inspired me and has given me the confidence to take steps outside of my comfort zone when creating a space. I used to think anyone who wanted a white kitchen or light color palette for the majority of the interior of their home was insane, but I fell. in. love. with her designs and it has completely transformed the way I envision my future home and the spaces I hope to create. So if you're looking for some new home decor inspo - give her a follow! 

5. Dana Mannarino -- The Champagne Edit (Instagram: @dana.mannarino)

Last, but definitely not least. I would have to say that The Champagne Edit is probably my top blog to read right now. Dana is a New York Fashion & Style Blogger, but I follow her primarily because I genuinely just enjoy her writing. I had commented once before telling her this, and mentioning how her writing was always honest, raw, and never failed to completely capture my attention. Her posts always seem to hit home with me; regardless if it's about friendships, blogging, social media influence, updates with her career, or just the things she's learned recently. When she's giving advice on any topic, she includes her own personal experiences that brought her to those main points of discussion, and that's what I think makes her easy to relate to and enjoyable to follow along with.

I even enjoyed one of her posts so much that she inspired me to write the following blog posts about my two best friends: "Why Everyone Needs A Melanie Around" and "Why Everyone Needs An Ashley Around

And as one bonus, I'd like to give a shout out to my sister, Tiffany, and her husband, Andrew: 

Monkey Tooth Podcast (Instagram: @monkeytoothpodcast)

My sister and her husband started their blog/podcast early last year to allow family, friends, and strangers to follow along with their journey, traveling from Canada to Tierra Del Fuego and back. I actually did a post back in October titled, "Mom & Farm Life vs. Travel & Van Life," discussing the differences between Tiffany and our other sister, Tambrey, as they live completely different lifestyles. I interviewed each of them, so you can really get a grasp of what it's like for my sister and her husband on their travel journey. Be sure to follow along on Insta for amazing photos!!  

There you have it - those are my top suggested blogs right now. Pictures below are posted for your enjoyment as I am probably THE most awkward person to photograph. Maybe one day I'll get the hang of it?

Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment below with a blogger you love and why!

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