Thursday, August 16, 2018

Favorite Healthy Alternative: Protein Pancakes

Good morning, friends! Happy Thursday!

Y'ALL. One thing to know about me is I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth & unfortunately, this can often get me in trouble.. I can't be the only one, right?!

I have recently been caring more and more about fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which means that I am always looking for easy recipes that help me reach my goals, especially those that curve my never ending sweet tooth, haha!

Which is why I want to share my current favorite healthy alternative: PROTEIN PANCAKES. To be more specific, Banana Oatmeal Protein Pancakes.

The best thing about this recipe is how little of ingredients you need, and that each of these ingredients are ones you can typically have in bulk and won't need to buy very often (good for us lazy folk, haha). 

1 Banana
3 Eggs 
1-1.5 Scoop Protein Powder (your choice of flavor/brand) I currently use the Quest Chocolate Protein Powder (still experimenting with different brands myself)
1 Cup of Oats
3/4 Cup of Almond Milk

Optional Ingredients:
1 tsp of Vanilla Extract 
1 tsp of Cinnamon 

1. Add all ingredients to blender & mix.  
2. Heat frying pan over medium-low heat. 
3. Spray the pan with olive oil or coconut oil spray.
4. Pour batter on to pan (as many or as little as you want - I typically do 3-4 mini pancakes at a time). 
5. When the pancakes start to bubble, go ahead and flip over. 
6. Continue to do this until you run out of batter.
7. Top with whatever toppings desired! I like to use peanut butter (almond or sun butter would be a healthier option) and top with whatever fruit I have, but a low to zero calorie syrup is another great option. 

This batch will make around 11-12 mini(ish) pancakes for me and I will typically eat 2-3 of them in one sitting.


1 Pancake: 74 Calories, 6g Protein, 8g Carbs, 2g Fat
1 Serving (3 pancakes): 222 Calories, 18g Protein, 24g Carbs, 6g Fat

Nothing will compare to big fluffy homemade pancakes (especially my mom's & my nana's!), but this is a great way to curve my cravings while also staying on track with my health and fitness goals. 

Have you tried this before? What are some of your favorite healthy alternatives? Let me know!

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