Monday, March 5, 2018

Detailed Blue Apron Review

Dominic and I were fortunate enough to have a friend of ours send us free meals through Blue Apron to try it out (Shout out to Araceli & Hunt - we love y'all!). We were able to either get two meals for free or pay $14 to receive three meals total for two people. We decided that was too good of a deal to pass up so we took advantage of that and chose the three meal option. 
One of the first pros I want to point out to Blue Apron is that you have the unlimited option to skip weeks when either they don't have meals you're interested in, or you'd prefer to shop on your own, or if you have other stuff going on that week. 

At first, I was a little worried because I wasn't able to be present when it was delivered, so it was left at my door. However, it was a colder day and I knew I'd be able to swing by the apartment on my lunch break. Regardless though, it probably would have been okay as everything is well wrapped and there's a thick piece of ice to keep everything extra cold. 

This was everything we received in our package.
Everything was fresh and well packaged in my opinion.
Meal One: Beef Medallions & Scallion Salsa Verde with Roasted Potatoes & Broccoli
I forgot to take a picture of the sole ingredients used for this, but here are a few pictures of the process & the final product. 

 This was the final product and I thought it came out really good! I wasn't the biggest fan of the Salsa Verde that is topped along the beef, but this was just a personal preference; Dominic thought it was good. Additionally, I loved the seasoning given for the potatoes and broccoli, how great the combination of flavor was as a whole and that it was very simple to put together.
Meal Two: Korean Chicken Tacos with Sweet Potatoes 
 This was everything in the brown paper bag labeled as "Chicken Tacos Knick Knacks," this is where they place all the extra seasonings for each meal. 
 Here is the final look of this meal. Overall, I thought this one was good, but I should have used more of the "Gochujang" sauce. This determined how spicy the the chicken would be and I used about 3/4 of the container as I can't always handle too much heat, haha. But I should have used the whole thing because I didn't really taste much of a kick. Otherwise, it was a good meal!

Meal Three: Greek Chicken with Olive Tapenade & Creamy Orzo 

"Knick Knacks" for this recipe. 
This one came out sooooo delicious! Both this one and the Beef Medallions were my top two, but I think this one was my overall favorite. Although, I did make one minor adjustment: the recipe calls for brussels sprouts, but I absolutely hate brussels sprouts so I replaced that with some broccoli we had at home. Anyway, I loved the flavoring of lemon and feta with the pasta, as well as the olive tapenade that is topped along the chicken. 

My only issue with Blue Apron is that I find them to be somewhat pricey. While we only paid $14 total for these three meals, if we wanted to do this on a regular basis, the normal pricing is a little over $60 including delivery and such. I can spend anywhere from $60 to $100 for groceries that last me a full week's worth of food for two people. Each of these meals are meant for two people and the point is to not waste ingredients. For Dominic and I, we only had leftovers for the sides while the meat portion was pretty exact. But for the price, I want more food for my buck. However, for people who have that room in their budget or are very busy and struggle finding the time to get to the grocery store, this could easily benefit you.

Have any of you tried Blue Apron or a similar company, like Hello Fresh? What did you like or dislike?
I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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