Monday, March 5, 2018

Tennessee Dreaming

One of my sisters lives in a small town about an hour outside of Jackson, Tennessee. And not to brag, but she has a gorgeous piece of property. I’m always just in awe of the view from her front porch – there’s nothing like seeing her horses in the pasture that’s surrounded by beautiful tall trees. 
For those of you who do not know, this lovely sister of mine has seven children, and now one grandchild as of February 2017. And you’d never guess she’s had that many children – tip top shape… probably because those littles of hers keep her on her toes! Haha. Anyway, this is the most recent family photo they took for their 2017 Christmas cards. From left to right: My Brother-in-law, sister, four of my nephews, my twin nieces, my oldest nephew, his fiance, and their sweet boy - my first great nephew! They are such a beautiful family, right?! This picture was taken on their pasture. 

 These two photos are by far my favorite - I believe there's around a four year difference in these two. They're all growing up so fast! Be still, my heart. 

Anyway, we used to visit every year, but as I’ve gotten older, the visits have been a little more sporadic but the times I do get to spend with them is such a blessing. Her husband, my brother in law, is also a pastor. So if you’re ever in the small town of Luray, TN, and want to hear a powerful sermon, take a stop by their church: Luray Baptist Church. It doesn't pop up on google maps (LOL) so just search for the Luray post office and you'll see the Church upon arrival to the post office.

One of my family’s favorite places to stay while we’re visiting is the Chickasaw State Park

I took this picture of my Momma admiring the view. Side note; I just want to give my mom a little shout out - You are beautiful inside and out, Momma! 
They also offer weddings at the park too - this is the building my sister and brother in law actually got married in! So if you're looking for a small, classy, and warm feel for your special day, Chickasaw State Park may be the place for you! Additionally, you can check out all the Tennessee State Parks that offer wedding venues here.

Anyway, from the hiking trail, fishing, paddle boat riding, canoeing, to the cabins with unforgettable views – you will not regret your stay here. The cabins are far from luxury as they are quite old, but they hold quite some charm with their rustic feel. Plus, you probably won’t want to spend as much time inside anyway. Luckily for us, this is conveniently located near my sister’s house so it’s quite the no-brainer for us. Can’t wait until the next time I can visit.

Have any of you been here? Or do any of you have a favorite State Park in Tennessee?
Share with me! 

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