Thursday, March 8, 2018

Take Me Back to Colorado

I still have so much traveling in the U.S. that I want to do, but I don't doubt that Colorado will always be one of my favorite places to visit. I have only been twice thus far, but I suspect many more trips in the future. My first time was for my cousin, Kayla's high school graduation a few years ago, and the second time was a friends trip in December of 2016. Most of these photos will be from our most recent trip, but I'll probably throw in a few of my favorites from the first time too! Crazy how much time has already passed since then, but I love looking back at these wonderful memories!

We took this the first day we were there and I remember just being so in awe of this view alone. As I'm from Texas, we don't really get the privilege of seeing this type of landscape as it's a fairly flat state, so seeing views like this was pretty surreal to me and I honestly don't know if I'll ever get use to seeing this type of scenery (even if I lived there! Haha.) 
Sweater + at least two jackets is how this Texas girl stayed warm!
Just to be clear, none of these photos are edited. Truly believe that Colorado views do not need a filter.
At first I was worried about traveling here in December, but we were there at the perfect time. Saw some snow in some places, and it was pretty dang cold, but I think the weather was perfect! Mostly clear blue skies and mountain views have got to be my favorite type of scenery.

The Rocky Mountains National Park was probably my favorite place we went to during our most recent trip. We couldn't drive all the way up because of the snow, but we did get out and walk up a little further before leaving.
I was so cold but so happy! Sweater + three jackets (last one was Dom's second jacket he brought, haha) including two hoods plus a beanie. We got tired of carrying this drink in our hands because it was freezing, so I just nestled it up in the jacket! Haha.

Huge shout out to our friend, Chandler for taking this photo & the one below - that man is talented with a camera in his hands. 

Our last day there, two of our friends had went home so it was just Dominic, our friend, Brandon, and myself. While Brandon went to visit a relative, we had planned to go to Pikes Peak (somewhere we had been during our first trip - shown below), but unfortunately it was closed during this time. 
We took the train up and it was so much fun. Cousins, Amanda & Brittany above.
 Definitely wanting to retake this train ride up Pikes Peak the next time I go. Seriously one of my favorite touristy things! If you have never been, I totally recommend it! They have a cute little gift shop at the top that sells coffee & warm donuts!

Anyway, we made the best out of the situation since we couldn't go the second time around. Luckily, Dominic found the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, located in Colorado Springs that had a nice buffet and this gorgeous view. 

View from the outdoor patio of the restaurant. It was quite cold so we sat inside, but these lovely windows still offered this perfect view.
After lunch, we decided to drive around a little bit and just see what we found, and we ended up driving up Mays Peak a little ways, then got out and walked up a little further to take these photos shown below. 

All in all, our second trip was nothing short of amazing. We had stayed in Denver during this trip, but I think Colorado Springs might be a nice place to stay the next time I visit.

There are SOOOOO many places in Colorado to visit and I know it'll take many trips to cover them all, but h
ere are some of the touristy attractions I want to visit in the future: 

Garden of the Gods
Red Rocks Ampitheater
Maroon Bells
Independence Pass
Dinosaur National Monument
Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve
Georgetown Loop Railroad
Seven Falls

& probably any other scenic/touristy place in the state, HAHA.

Have any of you been to some of these attractions? Or do you have any recommendations for my next trip? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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