Monday, March 19, 2018

Simply Beautiful

The moment I saw this church when we arrived in New York, I knew I'd need a picture of it at some point. I remember making Dominic run through the snow to take this picture (I wasn't wearing water resistant boots) and it came out better than I could have hoped for. The timing of this photo couldn't have been more perfect; the way the sun was setting in the background was absolutely breathtaking in my opinion (photo is completely unedited). I can say without a doubt, this ended up being my favorite photo from our whole trip. 
The church sits up on a hill in Germantown, NY. With the snow & all, it's Simply Beautiful
Little did I realize when we first got there, but this was Dominic's grandfather's church and we ended up visiting while we were there. The Sunday we attended was actually a brutally cold morning, so the church was fairly empty which worked in my favor to capture the pictures below. 

Y'ALL - this ceiling. My goodness, it's gorgeous. The attention to every detail, every arch, is just beautiful.
I was completely in awe when I walked in the church. Every architectural detail had my little heart doing flips. I'm non-denominational and typically the churches I attend have a much more contemporary feel, and there's nothing wrong with that, but seeing and walking into a church like this one was quite refreshing from an architectural standpoint.

Do you have any places that you find architectural beauty in? What are they? Share with me!

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